Chlorine Comfort ZoneTM/MC 1-4 ppm

Clorox Pool& SpaTM/MC Step 2 – Chlorinate products include built-in stabilizer to protect chlorine from burn-off due to sunlight and are available in weekly-use tablets and daily-use granules.

Chlorinating Tablets

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MCXtraBlueTM/MC 3" Long-Lasting Chlorinating Pucks

Multifunctional Sanitizer

  • Controls and kills bacteria and algae in swimming pool water
  • Provides clear water
  • Protected against sunlight to last longer
  • With built-in metal stain inhibitor, scale preventative and water softener
  • For use in feeders, floaters or skimmers

Available in 2.3 kg, 7.25 kg


3" Chlorinating Pucks

100% Trichloro

  • Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool waters
  • Keeps water clean
  • Protected against sunlight
  • Feeder or floater applications

Available in 227 g, 2.3 kg, 7.25 kg


1" Chlorinating Tablets

100% Trichloro

  • Controls bacteria and algae for clean water
  • Protected against sunlight
  • Use weekly in feeder or floaters

Available in 1.7 kg

Chlorinating Granules

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC XtraBlueTM/MC Chlorinating Granules

Compound Action Formulation

  • Controls bacteria and algae in pool water
  • Sanitizes – Kills bacteria
  • Clarifies – Clears water
  • Algaecide – Kills algae
  • Easy skimmer application

Available in 2.7 kg, 10.2 kg


Quick-ShockTM/MC Chlorinating Granules

Multipurpose Granular Chlorine

  • Kills bacteria
  • Kills and controls algae
  • Maintains brilliantly clear water
  • Destroys organic contaminants*
  • For all pool surfaces

(*) Sweat, lotions and body oils

Available in 15.9 kg