Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Comfort ZoneTM/MC

Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Step 1 – Balance products include pH and water adjusters that help you achieve the balance ranges of Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Comfort ZoneTM/MC.

The Comfort ZoneTM/MC balance guidelines provide the ideal range for each balance parameter. Test regularly to ensure your pool water stays in its ideal balance ranges so it is the gentlest for swimmers and on equipment.

pH Comfort ZoneTM/MC 7.2-7.6

pH Protect

Alkalinity Increaser

  • Reduces pH swings and maintenance
  • Protects equipment
  • Improves swimmer comfort
  • Maintain 80-125 ppm for plaster surfaces and 125-150 ppm for other surfaces

Available in 7.3 kg


pH Up

Raises low pH

  • Reduces eye irritation due to low pH in swimming pool water

Available in 1.8 kg


pH Down

Lowers high pH

  • Reduces skin irritation due to high pH in pool water
  • Helps prevent scale formation

Available in 2.3 kg

Stabilizer Comfort ZoneTM/MC 30 ppm Minimum

Chlorine Stabilizer

Prevents chlorine loss

  • Reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs
  • Improves efficiency of chlorine generators

Available in 1.8 kg