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Pool Maintenance

Understanding how your pool works is key to maintaining it. Knowing these pool care basics will help you establish a maintenance routine to keep your pool looking great!


A pool’s filter is critical to keep water clear. It removes debris, algae and swimmer contaminants – like lotions – from the water. Backwashing your filter is needed when the water pressure is 8 to 10 psi above normal. The filter should also be chemically cleaned at least twice a season. This will remove lotions and oils that have built-up on it over the season.


Keeping your water in motion helps prevent algae and bacteria from clinging to surfaces. It also disperses chemicals throughout the pool for maximum coverage.

It’s best to circulate pool water during the daytime for at least 8 hours. Always circulate water when applying chemicals.

Pointing the jets down towards the bottom of the pool at all times helps maximize circulation.


Brushing and vacuuming surfaces and skimming the water surface weekly is important to prevent problems, remove algae from surfaces and ensure your sanitizer is most effective.

Always brush areas in your pool that may have little to no circulation, such as corners and stairs.

Water Care

Follow these simple steps of the Easy 1 2 3 Pool CareTM/MC System to maintain inviting water:

  • Step 1 – Balance: Test and balance your pool weekly to maintain clean, clear water. Always maintain pH (7.2-7.6) and Free Chlorine (1-4 ppm) to prevent algae, kill bacteria and help prevent cloudy water.
  • Step 2 – Chlorinate: Maintaining 1-4 ppm of Free Chlorine is critical to keeping water clean and suitable for swimming. Daily-use granules or weekly-use tablets can be used to chlorinate water.
  • Step 3 – Shock: Shock your pool weekly and after pool parties and severe weather to remove contaminants and keep water clear.

Consider using an algae preventative weekly if your pool is prone to algae or when the temperatures increase during peak summer.

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