Test and balance water to help protect pool surfaces and help increase swimmer comfort.


Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Comfort ZoneTM/MC

The Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Comfort ZoneTM/MC means Total Alkalinity, pH, Total Hardness, Stabilizer, Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine are in their ideal ranges.

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Testing and balancing water is critical for water quality and simple maintenance. It ensures:

swimmer-satisfaction.png Swimmer Satisfaction
Equipment_Longevity.png Equipment Longevity
Pool_Surface_Protection.png Pool Surface Protection
ChemicalEffectiveness.png Chemical Effectiveness

Follow these simple steps to test and balance your water:

  1. Test pool water weekly and before applying product.
  2. Adjust balancer and chlorine levels to their ideal ranges in the following order:
      • Total Alkalinity
      • pH
      • Stabilizer
      • Calcium Hardness
      • Free Chlorine
  3. Wait 2 hours after adding product, then retest to ensure you’ve achieved the Clorox Pool&SpaTM/MC Comfort ZoneTM/MC balance ranges.